Small and Mighty: A review of Ant-Man

Ant-Man (2015)

Ant-Man (2015)

Director: Peyton Reed

Starring: Paul Rudd. Evangeline Lily. Michael Douglas.  Corey Stoll

Ant-Man is a lot of fun. It’s not perfect but it does have a lot of really great stuff in it. For Marvels latest being it’s most troubled, it’s a relief that it maintains a certain quality. If original director Edgar Wright had stayed aboard this might have been something special. Whilst his fingerprints are everywhere, the film is never as good as it’s best moments. The scenes in which Scott Lang (Paul Rudd) shrinks, both during fight scenes and otherwise are well done whilst Michael Peña explaining his interactions with a variety of contacts are genius and hilarious with his voice replacing that of each person.These moments truly stand out, alongside two really fine post credit scenes, whilst the rest of the film, gets by on the charm of its cast (Rudd, Lily, Douglas).

Whilst I can’t say that the film does anything original in terms of plot and the female characters might be a bit thankless (Hope Van Dyne – Evangeline Lily is an exception in my opinion) but I liked it as much as most of the Marvel films so far.

Rating: B 7/10


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