Humour/Less: A review of Self/Less

Self/Less (2015)

Self/Less (2015)

Director: Tarsem Singh

Starring: Ryan Reynolds. Natalie Martinez. Ben Kingsley.

Plot bite: Ben Kingsley is a 69 year old rich businessman with daughter issues and cancer. He goes to a corporation that can transfer his soul into a genetically created body (played by Ryan Reynolds) but it turns out that nothing is as it seems as he begins to have hallucinations of “another life”.

With plot contrivances galore, clichéd script and a lack of any substance or style, Self/Less is a long and arduous film. This being a Sci-Fi action thriller, we are treated to many action sequences that are poorly edited and are full of contrived moments. The character relationships feel copy and pasted from better films and the script lacks zing or wit.

What could have been a fairly good concept, possibly better suited to TV, falls prey to a bloated running time. Ryan Reynolds does little with little and he doesn’t capture any of Ben Kingsleys performance, which is a small role for second billing.

Whilst not awful, a truly bad film must be rubbish and offensive, Self/less is simply Slot A into Slot B with nothing to it and no memorable moments. It dies a death of dullness. Maybe it should have a new body.

Rating: C- 3/10


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