Filming Character Documentary with magician Luke Lamont

For this project I was soundman

Creative Sparks

On Saturday 25th October 2014, I along with Sergio, Ben and Lia set off to film an interview with the Isle of Wight based magician Luke Lamont; at the Wight Rock bar in Ryde.

After a few small hiccups with times and dates having to be re-arranged we eventually got the relevant permissions to film at the bar at 12.00. The original idea was to film slightly later and film some of Luke’s performance later on in a cabaret show in the evening. Unfortunately the cabaret show fell through and a party then booked the bar for three o’clock. This gave us a dilemma, but we decided to go ahead at an earlier time and try to get everything we needed before the party came in. With only around two and a half hours to capture the interview and some cutaways of Luke performing some of his magic, we were put under…

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