HORNS review

HORNS 2014

Starring Daniel Radcliffe, Juno Temple

Directed by Alexandre Aja

Based on a novel by Joe HIll

Rating C+

As Daniel Radcliffe continues to move his career trajectory as far away from The boy who lived as possible we are getting to the point where its more and more likely that we’re gonna get a flop, unfortunately Horns is as close to a flop as he’s yet reached. Though it’s not awful and I wouldn’t say I wouldn’t watch it again, ‘Horns’ is a great premise clouded by uninspired direction and predictable writing. Bolstered by a great cast and adapted from a popular book, this film should have been something far better, but in the end we’re given an over the top collection of cliche’s that do nothing to enhance the genres leanings. It’s not bad but it’s not very good.


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