Part 1 A bit about me

I’d say that I have a varied taste in Films, TV and music. Eclectic is a word that I’d use to describe it, mainly because I heard that word in an episode of ‘Frasier’ and it makes me sound smart, so I use it often to describe my interests. And I do, my taste in Films range from the wholesome innocent works of Pixar to gritty and gory Zombie films, both I love, both I admire and both will capture my mood at certain times.

That’s exactly how film should be; it should pique your interest at certain times, people say to watch a happy film when you’re sad but I think it’s the opposite, when I’m happy I will watch something to bolster the happiness, similarly when I’m sad I will wallow in sad films. It ranges from emotion to emotion, I watch Pixar because they make me happy, they fill me with awe and take me back to a part of my childhood, they inspire me with a feeling.

I just went for a walk. I had to go to the shop to get something and I hadn’t been out all day so I got up and went. It’s December time and outside the cold winter night bites at your fingertips, the developing season blowing the dead leaves off the trees like the small fires on candles. Darkness creeps in shortly after four and the town is lit up by a bustling Christmas market, resplendent in Christmas decoration and the warm glow of cooking food stalls.

It’s this sort of thing that inspires me. In fact I was struggling writing these words and taking a walk made me realise that this is what I do. I can’t sit in a room and write and find it easy, but when I’m walking or just sitting travelling on a bus then I find myself inspired a lot. I have so many ideas, for films and TV shows that I keep them written on my phone, some are well developed, some are just titles, but they all came to me in a situation like that.

Now I’m gonna talk about my inspirations in particular to this blog and its contents.


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